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Kea, Darren and Jaxson

I have always been fascinated by the liminal moments in life. Those time periods that are like a waiting room before everything shifts into the next phase have a special feeling. This is one reason that I so enjoy maternity photography sessions. It is a chance to encapsulate that moment just before everything changes forever. In a similar way, I dedicate my nature photography to those same moments of transition through the seasons.

 That is why it felt so appropriate to photograph a beautifully pregnant Kea and her family in their incredible urban permaculture paradise of a garden.Though the season was past it's peak, there was still much to snack on as we wandered through the garden that Darren created from an empty lot. Both Kea and Darren are acupuncturists who also practice from their lovely Seabright home.( I wish I could show you pictures of their incredible herbal pharmacy that made my inner herb nerd swoon)

 Their son, Jaxson, is not an acupuncturist but he is pretty ninja on the trampoline. In addition to that, he was endearingly excited about his sibling's imminent arrival. It is obvious that he can't wait to show off his moves for this little person who will no doubt worship him.

  All in all, I had a fantastic time photographing this little family.It was remarkable to watch Kea shift from calm yoga poses to weathering ninja attacks with ease. Her lovely presence left me feeling centered which,in my opinion, is the mark of a great therapist and a lucky attribute to have in a mother. I am ever so excited to meet their newest family member.


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