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Gesture of Balance

 In a time when the world seems to be coming apart at the seams, I have had an increasing amount of generalized anxiety that seems to be with me when I wake up and there when I go to sleep.Though I am sure there is a very palpable energy building in the world, much of my fear is magnified by the consumption of media.I have spent long hours working myself into a panic about Fukushima and it's real and potential effects on the ocean and my family's health. Though I defy anyone who says we ought to just not read about it (after all, things have reached the the crisis point at the power plant because of suppression of the truth)  I have found that I need to temper each bit of information with some form of meditation. If I do not take stock in this moment, every moment is lost to fear.

 For me, I have found that an intentional focus on the amazing little things around me lowers my blood pressure and keeps me grounded.This state of balance is crucial to knowing the right action to take when the time comes. So, as you view my photography, understand that it is a resting space for a mind often consumed with anxiety. These particular photos are a random jumble from a single day of the good stuff my life is made of. Coffee, the daily wonder of finding eggs in my chicken coop, the bear hat(!), wabi sabi in a sunflower, a lovely tea ceremony and kids on a trampoline!!!! I'm so grateful for it all, transient and imperfect as it is.

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