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Apocalyptic Sunset Beauty

 I am not usually a photographer of sunsets, but the other night the weather was an experience unto itself. First, the power went off in the neighborhood for no particular reason and we were forced out of the house into the garden to witness a phenomenal pink glow. The sky turned incredible shades of pink, lavender and orange and the whole garden was bathed in an eerie light. Just as the power suddenly came back on, the sky opened up and a quick downpour soaked our deck. We rushed about trying to cover tools and the bed on our deck but just as quickly, the rain stopped. It was such a well orchestrated weather and power grid event that I couldn't help but wait for either alien visitation or nuclear apocalypse(okay, so I 'm a little edgy these days). After awhile it became clear that neither of these was going to happen tonight so we wandered through the humid air to the meadow to catch the incredible last hues of sunset.

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