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Ode to Alyssa

When I think of my friends, there is usually some defining characteristic that I see in my minds eye that signals the image of them. For some people,  it is a certain intense gaze or a way of smiling from the corner of their mouth. Even a particular way of removing glasses to look closely at things.

 But with Alyssa, it has always been her captivating way of moving. Even her stillness suggests movement as though  some internal mechanism is winding up and soon she will be off running and laughing down the beach or grabbing a friend for an impromptu waltz or, if you happen to be lucky enough to be her amour, punching you in the arm. Alyssa is the antidote to stagnation and I love how I can see it just from gazing back at these photos taken recently on Davenport Beach. Notice how even in an apparently still moment in the cave she leans forward,ready to leap.

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