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Giving Up Gracefully

 Today I had a sleep deprived( blasted raccoons!) inspired ephiphany about how to go about this new self appointed task of home school mother. With strong coffee powering me and not much else, I sprung Jasper and I out of the house, across the meadow and down into the woods where we ostensibly were going to sketch the landscape. As I began, I found myself chatting aloud about perspective and really seeing your subject. However, my own realistic drawing of a fence with a tree behind it begin to look pretty boring after I looked over and saw Jasper's  picture. He wasn't even pretending to draw the landscape. My dutiful rendition of lines and shadows looked terribly joyless compared to his colorful, funny picture of a giant strawberry with a mischievous expression. I closed my book and admired his drawing and realized that I had no interest in what I was sketching and that I was doing it as some sort of orchestrated art lesson.Which is exactly what I am not after by opting out of traditional schooling this year. There will never be another time period like this one for the sheer untainted imaginings of this childs mind. Why clutter it yet with concepts of art that he has yet to ask me to explain? This is a kid who never holds back when he has a question( as anyone who has ever tried to have a conversation with me can attest to- um , mom, um excuse me!!) and so he is the perfect guide for his own learning. It seems to me that my primary role as educational guide is to give him enough challenge and enough freedom to remain curious and in love with learning. Of course, it's much easier to surrender to this concept when I just don't even have the energy to fight it.

Um, excuse me?!

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