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The Howlands

 Though I have photographed the Howlands three times before, each shoot is a new experience as their lovely daughters change and grow. In this case, there was a little grumpiness to contend with and though the daylight savings time was pretending to be earlier, I think our bodies were not fooled a bit. But as we climbed the meadow into the last golden rays of sunlight, the smiles began to appear. I think the real antidepressant was tree climbing in the orchard and then witnessing an orange sunset from the hammock by the pool. As we progressed through the land and the changing moods, I was impressed by how calm and loving Jenner and Rory managed to be. Jenner positively beams affection when she looks at her daughters and I noticed how comfortable and relaxed the girls were to be in Rory's arms. For me, those connections are the thing I most want to capture. Years later, when Zoey and Averly look at these photos, it will be easy to see just how loved they are.